Dr. Jan D. Kucharzewski

Monographs and Edited Volumes

Ideas of Order: Narrative Patterns in the Novels of Richard Powers. Co-edited with Antje Kley. With an introduction by Richard Powers. Heidelberg: Winter, 2012.

Propositions about Life: Reengaging Literature and Science. Heidelberg: Winter, 2011.

“Hello, I Say, It’s Me”: Contemporary Reconstructions of Self and Subjectivity. Co-edited with Stefanie Schäfer and Lutz Schowalter. Trier: WVT, 2009.

Articles and Contributions

“Hard Bodies that Matter? Hypertrophied Hypermasculinities in Contemporary American Culture.” In preparation.

“‘A Blessed Rage for Order’: The Metaphysics of Liminality in Modern American Poetry.” In preparation.

“…the Wood for the Trees: Anti-Humanist Wonder in Richard Powers’ The Overstory.”  After Post-Critique: Contemporary European Positions on Post-Millennial U.S. Writing. Eds. Marius Henderson, Jolene Mathieson, and Julia Lange. In preparation.

“‘If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It’: Hunting and the Regeneration of Masculinity in Post-Vietnam American Cinema.“ Hunting Without Weapons: On the Pursuit of Images. Ed. Maurice Saß. Berlin: DeGruyter, 2017. 219-239.

“‘Somewhere Out There is a True and Living Prophet of Destruction’: Chaotic Cartographies and Eroding Boundaries in Ethan and Joel Cohen’s No Country for Old Men.” Violence and Open Spaces: The Subversion of Boundaries and the Transformation of the Western Genre. Eds. Stefanie Müller, Christa Buschendorf, and Katja Sarkowsky. Heidelberg: Winter, 2017. 77-91.

“‘The Irreducible Complexity of the Analog World: Nodes, Networks, and Actants in Contemporary American Fiction.” Amerikastudien/American Studies 60.1 (2015): 121-138. (Recipient of the “Best Article Award” of the German Association for American Studies)

“‘You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat’: Männlichkeit und Homosozialität.” Der Weiße Hai Revisited: Steven Spielbergs Jaws und die Geburt eines amerikanischen Albtraums. Ed. Wieland Schwanebeck. Berlin: Bertz+Fischer, 2015. 177-189.

“‘Don’t Say Penis in this House’: (De)Constructing the Male Political Body in Oliver Stone’s Born on the 4th of July.” A Man’s World? Political Masculinities in Literature and Culture. Eds. Kathleen Starck and Birgit Sauer. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014. 127-139.

“Survival of the Sickest? Cognitive Disorders and the Question of Agency in Contemporary American Literature.” American Lives. Ed. Alfred Hornung. Heidelberg: Winter, 2013. 521-536.

“‘You Do an Awfully Good Impression of Yourself’: Authorial Impostors in American Fiction.“ Fake Identity? The Impostor Narrative in North American Culture. Eds. Caroline Rosenthal and Stefanie Schäfer. Chicago, IL: The University of Chicago Press and Campus, 2014. 99-110.

“‘Only After Disaster Can We Be Resurrected’: The Crisis of Masculinity in David Fincher’s Fight Club“. REAL Yearbook of Research in English and American Literature, Vol. 27: States of Emergency – States of Crisis. Eds. Winfried Fluck, Katharina Motyl, Donald E. Pease, and Christoph Raetzsch. Tübingen: Narr, 2011. 239-258.

“Disposable Miracles: Incorporated Subjectivities in Richard Powers’ Gain.” “Hello, I Say, It’s Me”: Contemporary Reconstructions of Self and Subjectivity. Eds. Jan D. Kucharzewski, Stefanie Schäfer, and Lutz Schowalter. Trier: WVT, 2009. 173-189.

“‘From Language to Life is Just Four Letters’: Self-Referentiality vs. the Reference of Self in Richard Powers’ Galatea 2.2.” Amerikastudien/American Studies 53.2 (2008): 171-187.

“‘Reengagements with the World’s Living Concepts’: Fiktion und Referenzialität im amerikanischen Gegenwartsroman.” Co-authored with Lutz Schowalter. Amerikanisches Erzählen nach 2000. Ed. Sebastian Domsch. München: edition text + kritik, 2008. 21-38.

“Ein quantenmechanisches Netzwerk: Gertrude Stein, William James und Niels Bohr.” Netzwerke der Moderne: Erkundungen und Strategien. Eds. Jan Broch, Markus Rassiller, and Daniel Scholl. Würzburg: Forum, 2007. 341-361.

“Kubistische Klänge und Informelle Insistenz: Isomorphe Prozesse in den Werken Scelsis, Pollocks und Steins.” Dialoge zwischen Amerika und Europa: Transatlantische Perspektiven in Philosophie, Literatur, Kunst und Musik. Eds. Astrid Böger, Georg Schiller, and Nicole Schröder. Tübingen: Francke, 2007. 273-293.

“‘There is no ‘there’ there’: Gertrude Stein and Quantum Physics.” Amerikastudien/American Studies 49.4 (2004): 499-513. (Shortlisted for the “Best Article Award” of the German Association for American Studies)


Johanna Heil, Walking the Möbius Strip: An Inquiry into Knowing in Richard Powers’s Fiction. Amerikastudien/American Studies. In preparation.

James Dorson, Counternarrative Possibilities: Virgin Land, Homeland, and Cormac McCarthy’s Westerns. Amerikastudien/American Studies. In preparation.

Saul Levmore und Martha C. Nussbaum (Eds.), American Guy: Masculinity in American Law and Literature. Zeitschrift für Anglistik und Amerikanistik 63.4 (2015): 470-472.

Stefan Horlacher and Kevin Floyd (Eds.), Post-World War II Masculinities in British and American Literature and Culture: Towards Comparative Masculinity Studies. Anglistik: International Journal of English Studies 26.1 (2015): 174-175.

Cecile Sandten, Gunter Süß, and Melanie Graichen (Eds.), Detective Fiction and Popular Visual Culture. Anglia: Journal of English Philology/Zeitschrift für Englische Philologie 133.3 (2015): 576-579.

David Brauner, Contemporary Fiction. Zeitschrift für Anglistik und Amerikanistik 59.3 (2011): 309-311.

Eva Zehelein, Science: Dramatic – Science Plays in America and Great Britain 1990-2007. Anglistik: International Journal of English Studies 22.2 (2011): 181-184.

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